Cataract Surgery

The procedure for the removal of cataracts requires an experienced eye surgeon. It may seem unnerving when you are confronted with the decision to have cataract surgery. But once you understand the benefits of the procedure, you will likely feel much more comfortable.  Many patients are opting to have their cataracts removed at an earlier age to start enjoying better vision sooner.

When you are young, the natural lens of the eye is clear like a window. As we age, the lens can become cloudy. When the lens is cloudy, it is called a cataract and it causes the vision to decrease. 

Cataract surgery essentially has two parts. First, the cataract is removed. Second, an artificial lens is placed inside the eye.  Everyone who has cataract surgery receives a new lens because if the eye does not have a lens, it cannot focus the incoming light and the eye will not see.

There is often more than once choice possible for which type of lens a patient can receive. For example, deluxe options can include lenses that correct astigmatism or multifocal lenses such as PanOptix which can help give reading vision in addition to distance.

Cataract surgery is one of the most safe, effective, and successful surgical procedures in medicine. The surgery typically takes 7 to 8 minutes and is stitch-less and painless.  Most patients leave the surgery center <should be linked to “River Drive” page a couple of hours after arrival. The surgery is performed one eye at a time with a typical separation of 2-4 weeks between eyes. 


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