-- What is IntraLase?

IntraLase® is a 100% blade-free approach to creating a corneal flap that Dr. Klein folds back in order to perform LASIK. Traditionally, doctors have used a cutting-blade instrument called a microkeratome to do this. While LASIK is extremely safe, if complications do occur, the microkeratome is most often the cause. Using IntraLase, a flap can now be created without a blade ever touching your eye. 

IntraLase® works by applying tiny pulses of laser light within the thickness of the cornea layers. With maximum, computer-assisted precision, the pulses create a uniform layer of bubbles which forms a plane of separation in the cornea. This allows the outer layer to be lifted as a partial-thickness flap. The entire flap-creation process takes about 15 seconds.

Results with this method are outstanding with studies showing a greater percentage of 20/20 outcomes using Intralase than the standard blade method.1

For more information on IntraLase®, please visit www.intralasefacts.com.

1. Tanzer DJ, Schallhorn SC, Brown MC, et al. Data on file, IntraLase® Corp.


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